Monday, December 17, 2007

ANGRY GREEK CYPRIOTS DEMONSTRATE IN LONDON—calling attention to the need to have them removed from the country

PICTURED: Terrified…a weeping child is rescued by the police.

15TH AUGUST 1974
Thousands of Greek Cypriot demonstrators battled with police outside the Turkish embassy in London on Wednesday night (14-8-74), following the new flare up of war in Cyprus. Fifteen demonstrators were arrested and seven people – including three policemen – had to have hospital treatment. The demonstration began peacefully outside the Greek embassy. Then the chanting, banner-waving crowd marched down Park Lane past the Grosvenor House Hotel, where deposed Cyprus president Archbishop Makarios is staying. Wild scenes broke out when Makarios stepped from the barricaded hotel doors to wave to the crowd. Then the 4,000 police had formed ranks outside the building, with a dozen mounted officers behind them. Within seconds the battle had started.

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