Monday, December 17, 2007

DAY OF THE JACKASS PART TWO—South American terrorists betrayed by their own machismo

PICTURED: Passport photo of Antonio Bouvier … AKA: "JACKAL # 2".

11th July 1975
Scotland Yard revealed on Thursday night (10-7-75) that they are hunting for a partner of the jackal … and that both men are believed to be still in London. The second man is said to be "equally as dangerous" as the international assassin who is being hunted by police in twelve countries. Commander Roy Habershon, who is leading the hunt for the man known as The Jackal – 25 year-old Venezualen Ilich Ramirez Sanchez – said the men had shared flats in London. Renamed "Jackal No. 2" as 45 year-old Antonio Bouvier from Qito, Ecuador. From their London bases the pair had planned assassination bids abroad for an international terrorist organization. Bouvier, who was identified from a passport found by detectives in a raid on a London flat, could be a "controller" for the movement. Meanwhile, a young London secretary has told Scotland Yard how she gave the Jackal the brush-off. The girl, Lynn Lavander, 21, revealed that the international assassin was an amorous tutor in a London secretarial college. She told detectives that Sanchez – alias "Carlos" taught her Spanish for a year from July 1972. "He wasn’t much of a teacher and was always trying to flirt with me and another of the girls. Neither of us liked him. In fact we thought he was awful, but he wouldn’t be put off. Once he offered me extra tuition at his flat. I refused because there was no doubt that Spanish lessons were the last thing on his mind."

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